Domestic Services

Domestic, Commercial and Hardscapes

Landscaping  services throughout Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Flintshire and Cheshire West.

JCN Landscaping services on a one-off or scheduled basis.  If you’re finding that your garden is getting the better of you and you’re spending your time working hard in your garden instead of being able to enjoy your outdoor space you might want to get someone in.

JCN Landscapes are your local, professional landscape garden maintenance provider and offer a range of gardening services and garden maintenance services to suit your needs and budget.

Domestic Landscaping

Feature Installations


  • Water fountain
  • Garden Pond
  • Pond with cascading waterfall
  • Waterfall centrepiece
  • Stone or Structural Monoliths
  • Monoliths with water feature
  • Contemporary layered decking or garden seating areas
  • Contemporary garden fencing installations
  • Garden Sculptures
  • Garden Sheds & Tree houses
  • Garden Bridges
  • Planting features
JCN Landscapes have experience of installing centrepiece garden features throughout the Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Flintshire and Cheshire West regions. From water fountain monoliths that shine and reflect light around your garden to impressive decking and patio features, JCN have experience in helping to design and install traditional and contemporary garden feature installations.

Fencing & Gates

Garden Fencing In Wrexham, Chester, Mold and Flintshire Keep ’em out, keep ’em in – whichever it is, make it look great with our garden fencing installation service At JCN landscapes we have various garden fencing services available including fence maintenance, fencing repairs and fence fitting. We also have a large array of fence types that we can supply and fit for a price that suits your need with a free quotation provided. FENCING FOR ANY PURPOSE

  • Weatherboard fencing
  • Trellis fencing
  • Picket fencing
  • Concrete fencing
Our fence fitting service helps to guard against the rigours of the British weather, with FREE advice provided to help guide your choice of fencing panel or decoration. We fit fences that last. We ensure that you are completely satisfied with the job that we have done and can provide a small range of fence maintenance services. If you want your fences maintaining we have specialist equipment we use to make sure that they do not fade or pieces of wood get chipped off it. If you have any questions that you need answering or you want a free quotation go to our Contact us page and contact us on the method of communication that is best for you.

Planters & Raised Beds

Planters & Raised Beds Create your very own Hanging gardens of Babylon and elevate your garden with planters and raised bedding areas. JCN Landscapes can design and build a range of practical and stunning planters and raised bedding. We employ a range of materials to build these often, feature pieces, within your garden and can design them to be practical, functional, centrepieces or a bit of all of them. RAISED BEDDING & PLANTERS MADE FROM

  • Brick
  • Natural stone
  • Aggregate
  • Concrete
  • Wooden Sleepers
  • Decking board
  • Slate
  • Metal
We’ve designed many garden areas where low maintenance was a priority. Often these gardens had a higher percentage of hardscaping but where there was still a requirement for natural beauty, foliage and colour. Raised bedding areas and planters are a perfect construct in aligning low maintenance practicality with an urge to keep something natural within the chosen space. IDEAL AREAS FOR RAISED BEDDING & PLANTERS
  • Wheelchair accessible gardens
  • Playgroups
  • Yards
  • Driveways
  • Pub Gardens
  • Indoor garden spaces
  • Nursing homes
  • Architectural Landscaped gardens
  • Contemporary landscaped gardens
  • Low maintenance gardens
The practical spaces created by planters and raised bedding areas provide more than just a convenient soil patch. They elevate your living garden space into different layers creating 3D garden spaces bursting with colour, scent and sensory delight. To see how JCN Landscapes can improve your garden space with planters and raised bedding contact us today.

Site Clearance

Site Clearance in Wrexham, Chester, Mold & Flintshire No need to rent a skip… let JCN Landscapes do the work JCN Landscapes offers various site clearance services to gardens, offices and other small work-spaces in the Flintshire and Cheshire West areas. With a lot of experience – and tools under our belt, we promise to provide a quick and quality service for our clients.
JCN Landscapes will remove any amount of items you wish. Whether it’s a couple of boxes or an entire office full of them, we will provide you with our quality Site Clearance. OUR SITE CLEARANCE SERVICES

  • Full site clearance
  • Part site clearance
  • Garden waste clearance
  • Furniture removal
  • Cleaning
Environment friendly methods We assure our clients that the services we provide follow rules and regulations to the letter, while also catering to your specific requirements. Our clients can be assured that we follow a high standard of health of safety, taking care and the appropriate measures to keep our workers and others safe. SITES WE PROVIDE FOR
  • Small gardens
  • Sheds
  • Lofts
  • Garages
  • Small offices
  • Apartments
  • Houses
Due to our current size, we only tend to cater to smaller installations. We generally provide for the listed installations above, however you should Contact us to discuss your own requirements.


Tree Work Overgrown trees can be dangerous and if it’s on your land, you’re responsible for any damage. Timely tree work will keep your tree a delightful view all year round and not a risk. Have you been quoted a crazy price from a tree surgeon to do what you thought was a relatively small amount of tree pruning work? JCN Landscapes are not fully licensed tree surgeons but we are professional landscape and garden maintenance service providers. If you have a tree or overgrown shrub that needs a bit of tending, without the cost of employing the services of a tree surgeon then contact JCN Landscapes. TREE WORK SERVICES

  • Tree pruning
  • Branch cutting
  • Tree & Shrub shaping
  • Tree lopping
  • Tree Felling
  • Fallen tree clearance
If you’ve found that the small tree you planted a few years ago has now started to overgrow your garden, block light from your rooms or its roots have started to shift or crack your pathways or lawn area then you need someone capable of performing tree work, but may not need the full services of a tree surgeon. JCN Landscapes will visit your property located within the Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Flintshire or Cheshire West region, assess your requirements and either provide a quote or agree a price and begin works immediately. Use our contact us page to get in touch about your required tree work and see if we can save you time and money.


Turf Laying Service for Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Flintshire and Cheshire West Real grass – instantly! Forget seed and wait, get your garden off to a flying start this year and get some turf laid. Take the hassle out of creating your perfect lawn and let JCN Landscapes lay some turf. We source locally and only use a good quality product so we know where your new lawn has come from before we lay it. There’s loads of reasons why your lawn turns into just a patch of grass – or worse. Weather can be a major factor, but so can having pets, letting the kids run riot all summer, a landscaping project you’ve undertaken or perhaps just a short cut you never laid a path down for. Either way, waiting for grass seed to grow is like… well… watching seed grow! Believe it or not, it’s estimated that only 70% of seed actually produces plants and you have to wait for it to grow, protect it from the birds and probably miss that gorgeous summer weather lying on it. Turf is instant. It requires only a few weeks of initial bedding-in maintenance and then it’s good to go. WE LAY TURF FOR

  • Homes and domestic dwellings
  • Landlords
  • House Builders
  • Landscape projects
Take the hassle out of laying your own lawn. JCN Landscapes are professional landscape gardeners. We can lay your new turf lawn with a grass type appropriate to the use of the lawn and can provide advice on how to look after your new lawn during bedding-in. We can even provide ongoing lawn care and lawn maintenanceservices to help keep your new lawn looking the same lush-green it did when it was first laid. TURF LAYING IN YOUR AREA We provide our lawn turf laying service in
  • Wrexham
  • Chester
  • Mold
  • Flintshire
  • Cheshire West
  • Selected North Wales Areas
If you want a great looking lawn in a short space of time, choose turf from JCN Landscapes. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and let the professionals do the hard work while you enjoy your new summer grass.

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